Sunday, September 18, 2016

Grit: A Personal Story

Recently I have heard the word GRIT as something that education professionals should be teaching to students. It seems to be a buzzword that people are writing about, talking about, and marketing as one magic pill to make students succeed in the classroom. As part of one of my projects for the Masters in Educational Technology, we were asked to create a digital story using a digital media platform of choice as well as a topic we could use for educational purposes.

I thought about it several times. I really did not know what to do. I did some research in digital storytelling and I came across Adobe Express. I had used Adobe Express briefly on my Ipad just to try it out. I really liked it back then. I explored it again and I realized that Adobe Express can be used on any device. I tried it on my Chromebook at work and I like how user friendly it is. I can use this tool when we get a Chromebook cart in the classroom. Students can use digital stories to create content in all subject areas through fiction, historical narratives, personal stories, the teaching of a new concept, comic strips, or to explain processes in  Math and Science. Story Center. Listen Deeply. Tell Stories is a free online platform that offers access to many stories created around the world. It is worth checking if you are embarking on a digital storytelling project. 

This is an example of a personal story I created using Adobe Express. This is my personal opinion on GRIT. The transcript for the presentation can be found at Google Docs Grit: Personal Story Transcript. 

Disclaimer: This video contains a couple of religious references. Please watch from beginning to end. Showing religious content in a public school setting might not be acceptable under school district policies. Please reference your school policies if using this video in public school settings.  

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