Thursday, November 2, 2017

Presenting at CVCUE Fall 2017

I am so excited to present at Central Valley Computer Using Educators Fall Conference. The CVCUE conference provides with some of the best technology integration tips for teachers, administrators, and anyone else working in the field of education or interested in applied technology. Educators from different content areas share their expertise about technology integration, issues regarding educational policy, and tools and tips to make technology use an enjoyable experience. As an avid technology integrator in a language class, I know that there is never enough I can learn about tools and ways to make my teaching experience more rewarding. From the novice teacher to the super techy educator, there is always something exciting to learn at CVCUE. Come and join us in Visalia this Saturday November 4th. I will be presenting a project based learning experience my language classes engaged in while researching a Spanish speaking city. 

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