Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vlog #6 Multimedia: Playing Around with Virtual Reality

It is truly amazing to realize how much there is to discover in the area of Augmented Reality (AR) and its uses in the classroom. This week I played around with several AR apps that are fun and that can be educational. My professor Joe Marquez showed us how to use Anatomy 4D, Quiver Vision 3D coloring, Elements 4D, and some other fun apps to create special effects such as Green Screen Apps. There is so much to discover that I decided to try out two apps in my classroom: Anatomy 4D and Quiver Vision Coloring.

I recommend that teachers explore AR apps in the classroom for fun and then decide which ones may have a practical application in the classroom. I believe learning has gotten more interactive and engaging with all that AR apps have to offer. Here is a Vlog I created to show my excitement about AR apps and a sample of students' excitement when they were playing: around with AR in the classroom.

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