Thursday, November 24, 2016

Communities of Practice: Places To Find Identity, Meaning & Purpose

Have you ever been tired, stressed out, depressed, and feelings as work demands more of you that what you can possibly give? Do you come home and find yourself lost in papers, projects, grades, and lesson planning to do which just represents an extension of long and challenging days at work? I found myself in that position last week. I so desperately needed a break and a reason to find joy and peace after hectic days at work in my teaching position.

I highly recommend that as teachers we make an effort beyond our work duties and personal duties at home to search groups in our communities that share the same passions and goals in life through fun and interactive ways. Finding a club, a collective hobby, a community that we can join who can bring a sense of belonging, understanding, joy, laughter, and a place where we can grow our passions to fulfill longings and desires is vital for our wellbeing.

As I am reading John Dewey's (1938) philosophies for education, I agree that many times what we learn in formal educational settings does not compare to what we can learn through worthy experiences that have an immediate connection and application to real life. Communities of practice allow us to grow in very natural and personal ways.

Connect your passions and desires in meaningful ways through a club, a networking community, a group of people to share your passions and goals. Communities of Practice can be local or global, face to face or virtual, they meet regularly and have set goals and a common vision in mind.

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